Hidden Wiki – What’s all the Commotion About

Hidden Wiki – What’s all the Commotion About

Every internet savvy person is well aware of Wikipedia.org, the largest free encyclopedia on the internet. But, not many people are aware that there’s also a dark and sinister version of it. Surprised? It’s appropriately called Hidden Wiki and is an amalgamation of encyclopedia articles (in original Wikipedia article style), which link to some really controversial and downright banned content.


How to Access it?

Keeping true to its name, the hidden wiki is not accessible like a common website and through a normal browser. All the aforementioned content is only available on Tor network. To access it, an additional program called Tor browser has to be downloaded which merges itself with a browser like Firefox. Once installed, you’d be able to access hidden services on .onion sites (all the sites available through Tor network bear the .onion extension). Needless to say, the .onion extension bearing sites are not indexed by major search engines and hence don’t show up in a normal search results.


Is it legal?

The question which immediately comes to mind is that if the content available on Tor network is so diabolical, it’s got to be illegal, right? Proponents and supporters of Tor network would cite freedom of speech etc., and it’s true that thousands access it from every corner of the globe for legitimate reasons also. Having said that, there are links on hidden wiki that you want to steer clear of! These links can lead to sites which contain child pornography and infamous Silk Road (website which hooks up potential buyers with drug peddlers). I can’t say this with 100% surety but rumors are that such sites are under surveillance by covert and law enforcing agencies. I have heard people defending Silk Road by saying that it operates under a code of ethics, which restricts selling of certain products like dangerous and hazardous chemicals, but I can’t validate or deny the claim.


How Diabolical can the Content be?

Remaining true to its namesake .onion bearing websites found on “deep web” (another name for hidden wiki) are layered. It doesn’t matter if you are exploring it due to morbid curiosity or really intend to do something with the information or product you obtain from there! One thing is for sure though, the deeper you go the more startled you’d be about what’s on sale. There are firearms of banned caliber; potent poisons and even personal information of people for sale which is a dream come true for identity thieves.

All I would say in the end is tread carefully! Hidden wiki is a dangerous place to traverse.