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Dark Web Links 2020

The dark web can be very hard to navigate without a very good link directory, so with this, you need to be very careful about the link directory you use not too be hacked or tracked. Security on the dark web is an utmost issue, you must be very vigilant and have a trustworthy link directory to be able to navigate on the dark web with easy. In this article, I will be giving you a list of very good link directories on the dark web that you can use and will be very resourceful for you and very secure at the same time.

To Access the following links, you will need the Torbrowser, or Onion Browser on IOS!!

The Hidden Wiki


The Hidden Wiki is a website link directory number one on the dark web, it has lots of collections of. Onion links and have short descriptions on the link. The design of the website is very easy to navigate, easy to access and understand. There is a section on the website where useful guides are been put for people to use in using the link directory, like how you can exit the matrix and like verifying PGP signatures. And if you want to get Tor sites you have to use the hidden wiki.
The alternate link to the hidden wiki as the name implies is another link to the hidden wiki, it is called the mirror link to the hidden wiki, like a copy link to the hidden wiki. This is used when the original onion link above is not responding or working at all. You will have to use this alternate link to get to the hidden wiki. The website is the same is just another link to it.

Hidden Wiki/ Deep Web Links


Hidden wiki/ Deep Web Links is another website of Tor that have a very long list of .onion URLs. So many links on this link directory all you need is to know where you want to go and click the link pointing you there and you will be directed to the website from this link directory. To find just the blockchain you will need to use the link directory because everything on the dark web is not organized.

New Hidden Wiki


New Hidden Wiki is another link directory on the dark web. This looks a lot like the hidden wiki but it is not.this has the same layout with that of the hidden wiki. This one is the upgraded hidden wiki because everything here is neatly arranged and archived. the spam level is very low compared to the hidden wiki and you can very much use this website even if you are a first-timer because it can easily locate any hidden onion service link, all you have to do is go through the arranged categories and you will be directed to where you want to go to.

Dark Web Links TorLinks


TorLinks is another very good link directory on the dark web as the name implies, on this website you get well structured and arranged links to websites on the dark web. It has an easy to use platform and has thousands of links to websites on it. Very useful links can be gotten here, just check it out.

This website is also a dark web link directory, where you visit to get a direct link to the dark web store or marketplace you wish to visit. The sites they offer links to are usually trusted links and they have always managed to keep the links active by editing and changing them frequently. Anytime any of the links are no longer active, it is removed.