Dark Web Links 2021

In 2021, the dark web will get a very big change, because the old v2 .onion links will stop working.

To continue browsing the dark web, bookmark the following links:

http://s4k4ceiapwwgcm3mkb6e4diqecpo7kvdnfr5gg7sph7jjppqkvwwqtyd.onion/ OnionLinks

http://6nhmgdpnyoljh5uzr5kwlatx2u3diou4ldeommfxjz3wkhalzgjqxzqd.onion/ Hidden Wiki

http://zqktlwiuavvvqqt4ybvgvi7tyo4hjl5xgfuvpdf6otjiycgwqbym2qad.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page The Original Hidden Wiki

The v2 .onion links below will stop working soon, or might have already stopped working, depending on when you read this.



Dark Web Links 2020

The dark web can be very hard to navigate without a very good link directory, so with this, you need to be very careful about the link directory you use not too be hacked or tracked. Security on the dark web is an utmost issue, you must be very vigilant and have a trustworthy link directory to be able to navigate on the dark web with easy. In this article, I will be giving you a list of very good link directories on the dark web that you can use and will be very resourceful for you and very secure at the same time.

To Access the following links, you will need the Torbrowser, or Onion Browser on IOS!!

The Hidden Wiki


The Hidden Wiki is a website link directory number one on the dark web, it has lots of collections of. Onion links and have short descriptions on the link. The design of the website is very easy to navigate, easy to access and understand. There is a section on the website where useful guides are been put for people to use in using the link directory, like how you can exit the matrix and like verifying PGP signatures. And if you want to get Tor sites you have to use the hidden wiki.
The alternate link to the hidden wiki as the name implies is another link to the hidden wiki, it is called the mirror link to the hidden wiki, like a copy link to the hidden wiki. This is used when the original onion link above is not responding or working at all. You will have to use this alternate link to get to the hidden wiki. The website is the same is just another link to it.

Hidden Wiki/ Deep Web Links


Hidden wiki/ Deep Web Links is another website of Tor that have a very long list of .onion URLs. So many links on this link directory all you need is to know where you want to go and click the link pointing you there and you will be directed to the website from this link directory. To find just the blockchain you will need to use the link directory because everything on the dark web is not organized.

New Hidden Wiki


New Hidden Wiki is another link directory on the dark web. This looks a lot like the hidden wiki but it is not.this has the same layout with that of the hidden wiki. This one is the upgraded hidden wiki because everything here is neatly arranged and archived. the spam level is very low compared to the hidden wiki and you can very much use this website even if you are a first-timer because it can easily locate any hidden onion service link, all you have to do is go through the arranged categories and you will be directed to where you want to go to.

Dark Web Links TorLinks


TorLinks is another very good link directory on the dark web as the name implies, on this website you get well structured and arranged links to websites on the dark web. It has an easy to use platform and has thousands of links to websites on it. Very useful links can be gotten here, just check it out.

This website is also a dark web link directory, where you visit to get a direct link to the dark web store or marketplace you wish to visit. The sites they offer links to are usually trusted links and they have always managed to keep the links active by editing and changing them frequently. Anytime any of the links are no longer active, it is removed.

Deep Web Unfolded

We live in a planet which is unaware of the vast majority of wrongdoing that goes on and remains unnoticed. We can’t be particular about crime or critical about sin either in light of the fact that we’re all living in a judgmental universe.

Welcome to the deep web which can likewise be viewed as the Hidden Wiki comprising of sites that are planted and figured by the underworld. The side of the web which can’t be entered by a typical individual nor would you be able to utilize the general search engines to discover any method of getting inside is termed as the deep web.

The information exhibited on the deep web is otherwise called the Hidden Wiki and is a mind boggling universe of terrorism, trafficking, betting and so on. The underworld mafia possesses the deep web which can’t be entered by general people without putting their existence at stake. Surprising isn’t it that there’s a world of technology and internet beneath the one we use already?

The concealed wikis are dependably under reconnaissance by the underworld programmers to abstain from being caught by the FBI. Comprising of various .onion URLS the dark web has been shaped from different sources that wish to keep their work concealed. While the surface web is amazingly rapid, the deep web is a hundred times more dynamic, regulated and independent.

Characteristics of the Hidden Wiki

  1. The principal notion of the dark web is becoming convoluted as web search tools have resolved a method of gaining entrance to this realm. Some way or another there is a means by which the profound web content has been pushed into the focal areas of the surface web permitting unwanted crowd to enter Hidden Wiki.
  2. This confidential data otherwise called Hidden Wiki is comprehensive of .onion URLS, air transport flights, stock trades, addresses, Facebook activities and so forth. Be that as it may appreciatively just a little portion of the deep web is accessible by Google; there will certainly be changes from time to time to cover up the cracks.
  3. The sort of data you will run into while entering the Hidden Wiki comprise of underworld activities, business transactions, illegal trade and commerce etc. We’re alluding to databases that hold data which are further saved inside tables. This sort of confidential material can be accessed through queries only. The vast majority of the private material part of Hidden Wiki is produced from databases.
  4. Non content indexes like programming, pictures, and presentations, mixed media are archived in certain configurations. The .onion URLS are sites withhold information that is confined to known clients in the deep web. The websites can be accessed by particular people and are ensured by passwords alongside encrypted codes for communication.
  5. Many privately owned businesses authoritatively pick the dark web to launch their establishment under the pretext that it is profoundly secure, robust and comprises of a series of connections that can expand the movement of the website and the increase profits for the business.

Accessing the Deep Web

For the individuals who have no idea about the dim side of the web, welcome to the Hidden Wiki which is an alternate segment of the web additionally alluded so as to protect confidential data. This profound web that can’t be entered by people through general web crawlers or servers is certainly a mystery for people. It is astounding how individuals can tumble across the deep web while surfing however when they truly attempt to search for such .onion URLS, they cannot access such elusive sites.

The excuse for why the dark side of the web can’t be gained entrance to is due to the fact that it comprises of classified information and sites that aren’t implied for the planet to see. It is the official stadium of the underworld where certain systems like child trafficking, medication exchange, overwhelming hardware and weaponry assembling takes place and this business is promoted and situated inside the Hidden Wiki.

Characteristics of the Deep Web

  • You can’t access the Hidden Wiki so easily! Alert programs have been introduced with the capacity to prevent outside access. The deep web is only approachable by valid customers and heads who are part of the underworld business.
  • People in general present on the deep web are around 4-5 times more than the group of onlookers that surfs the web. The deep web unlike the World Wide Web comprises of 6500 terabytes of information in contrast to the 20 terabytes that is discovered on the surface web.
  • The Hidden Wiki contains 550 billion genuine records and archives that have escaped the surface perspective. Unlike the 1 billion reports which is found on the surface web, the examination is inconceivable and data strictly private with respect to the Hidden Wiki.
  • More than 200,000 .onion URLS are situated inside the deep web and is known to be the biggest and continuous division of the web that presses on to broaden its horizon with respect to customers, sites, clients and administrations. Where customary surface locales have data which is passable to the ordinary eye, the Hidden Wiki has astounding data that is implied just for those clients part of the underground business.

Let’s Talk About Accessing

Dominant part of the Internet’s data is concealed from individuals’ eyes initiating standard web indexes to protect the dark web. The Hidden Wiki can’t be entered by utilizing the general programs like Firefox or Google Chrome that have negligent capacity to access underground information. Then again you do require an ordinary program like Firefox to kick start the procedure. When the download is finished, double click on the downloaded file and select the destination document (this is from where you can separate “Tor” program) and pick the extract file. Rather than Firefox surface web pages opening, you will notice “Tor” being opened up which is truth be told the network on which the deep web functions.

From here you can access .onion URLS and the hidden wiki however you have to be cautious during your search. There are numerous substitutes required to access “Tor” which is comprehensive of an Anti-Virus program and a firewall in the event that your operating system might crash.

Hidden Wiki – What’s all the Commotion About

Hidden Wiki – What’s all the Commotion About

Every internet savvy person is well aware of Wikipedia.org, the largest free encyclopedia on the internet. But, not many people are aware that there’s also a dark and sinister version of it. Surprised? It’s appropriately called Hidden Wiki and is an amalgamation of encyclopedia articles (in original Wikipedia article style), which link to some really controversial and downright banned content.


How to Access it?

Keeping true to its name, the hidden wiki is not accessible like a common website and through a normal browser. All the aforementioned content is only available on Tor network. To access it, an additional program called Tor browser has to be downloaded which merges itself with a browser like Firefox. Once installed, you’d be able to access hidden services on .onion sites (all the sites available through Tor network bear the .onion extension). Needless to say, the .onion extension bearing sites are not indexed by major search engines and hence don’t show up in a normal search results.


Is it legal?

The question which immediately comes to mind is that if the content available on Tor network is so diabolical, it’s got to be illegal, right? Proponents and supporters of Tor network would cite freedom of speech etc., and it’s true that thousands access it from every corner of the globe for legitimate reasons also. Having said that, there are links on hidden wiki that you want to steer clear of! These links can lead to sites which contain child pornography and infamous Silk Road (website which hooks up potential buyers with drug peddlers). I can’t say this with 100% surety but rumors are that such sites are under surveillance by covert and law enforcing agencies. I have heard people defending Silk Road by saying that it operates under a code of ethics, which restricts selling of certain products like dangerous and hazardous chemicals, but I can’t validate or deny the claim.


How Diabolical can the Content be?

Remaining true to its namesake .onion bearing websites found on “deep web” (another name for hidden wiki) are layered. It doesn’t matter if you are exploring it due to morbid curiosity or really intend to do something with the information or product you obtain from there! One thing is for sure though, the deeper you go the more startled you’d be about what’s on sale. There are firearms of banned caliber; potent poisons and even personal information of people for sale which is a dream come true for identity thieves.

All I would say in the end is tread carefully! Hidden wiki is a dangerous place to traverse.


Child Pornography Website and Company on Hidden Wiki Busted!

Beyond the informative and entertaining precincts of the internet we are all familiar with, is a dark and sinister world of contraband and child abuse. It’s tricky, winding and very difficult for authorities to investigate and curb. From time to time revelations about such dark corners of internet are made public and it leaves the common law abiding citizens confounded and flabbergasted.

One of such revelations was made recently when an anonymous hacker gained access to Lolita world, a web site advertised on hidden wiki. This website offered a huge amount of child abuse and pornography to paying pedophiles and lowlifes. The aforementioned anonymous hacker went through proper channel first and approached the hosting company of Lolita world. A demand was put forth to remove the repugnant and detestable material but no heed was paid to it. This prompted the anonymous Samaritans into action and launch a dual pronged attack on the miscreants.

The phase included forcing the hosting company to go offline rendering all the abhorrent material inaccessible. The second phase of the assault involved bypassing the security of Lolita City system and exposing the login details of more than 1000 pedophiles. The “hacktivist” left a very potent warning for all such offenders claiming they would continue to target anyone hosting, promoting or supporting child pornography. For masses unaware of hidden wiki and its unsavory contents, this exposition came as revelatory.

The transgressions of hidden wiki are not just limited to aiding pedophiles. There are contributors (needless to say pedophiles themselves) to it which offer advice on creating new and ironclad websites with the sole purpose of promoting child abuse. Other mind boggling “services” include money laundering, detailed instructions on how to concoct homemade explosives, contract killing and ordering extremely hazardous and restricted chemicals. Architecture wise, the hidden wiki is nothing out of the ordinary or remarkable. Aesthetically, it’s just like any other website where users update links, which are organized category wise.

Scot Terban, an independent security researcher described the origins of hidden wiki as a dark place of convergence where sinister ideas and wares were shared. Coincidentally, Scot was also the first person from the “outside” world to draw attention to hidden wiki and its nefarious contents. Hidden wiki is just like any other black market operation with the exception of being online and almost completely anonymous, he further added.

Since its anonymous participants don’t feel any qualms about sharing, advertising and seeking illegal things, it’s not uncommon to find ads and services like hired assassins. All this anonymity makes it an ideal hunting grounds for pedophiles and lowlife scum.